Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lights....camera... snooping!

I thought it would be cool to hook a wireless spy camera to my robot. I added 2 servos and some plastic to give it a pan-and-tilt feature. Here is the finished product.

If you're wondering what video looks like from such a camera (which cost me $25 on ebay). You can take a look at a small video clip.

This picture also shows a remote control. I took the robot out of autonomous mode and programmed it to respond to a generic TV remote control setup to operate a Sony television. Besides the typical forward / backwards / left /right /pivot movements, I also programmed the volume up/down and channel up/down to control the pan and tilt servos for the camera. Pretty cool. One thing that bothers me with the IR remote.. you have to have line-of-sight with the robot to operate it. In a future project, I want to replace the IR sensors with RF. I've looked around and it looks like I can use an RF controller and receiver for a model airplane. Unfortunately, they are pretty expensive. :(


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