Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An interest in robots

This past winter I became interested in building robots. Actually, I've been interested for quite some time. I just never had a clue about how to build one. One day my friend Sean and I were walking around CompUSA. He pointed out a SumoBot robot kit for $29. What interested me was the fact that you could hook it up to your computer and program it to do your evil bidding! Mwahahahaa.... sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I got the robot, built it and taught it to travel in the shape of a square. Whew! The world is now safe for democracy! The robot used a microcontoller called the Basic Stamp 2 from Parallax. I started surfing the http://www.parallax.com web site and got hooked. They have tons of cool stuff.

Trying to get myself away from Everquest2, I thought I would try one of their "learn at home" kits as a winter project. I started with their "What is a Micro Controller" kit.
This kit shows, well, what is a micro controller. But it also gets you programming with their pBasic language and downloading it to the processor to do cool stuff. Well, at least cool for a geek.


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