Tuesday, June 14, 2005


After going through the What is a Micro Controller kit I wanted to build something that actually moved. Hey! What about another robot?! I took my Christmas money and bought the Parallax Board of Education Robot, or BoE-Bot for short.

This was a fun project. Once built, you can modify it to run autonomously. They start you out with obsticle detection using "whiskers", or little pieces of metal that stick out. When the whiskers bump into something, the robot backs up, turns and continues on.

You then remove the whiskers and replace them with IR sensors along with IR "headlights." You program the robot to send out an IR signal and then read the reflection of the signal. You can then tell if you have an object in front or to it's side.

All in all, it looks pretty cool. Cheri at work says the robot didn't have much personality and needed eyeballs and perhaps a mouth. :)


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